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Academic Leadership Association, LLC

Our award winning program is on a  mission to empower youth to make positive changes within themselves and their community through mentoring, literacy, and self advocacy while addressing their social emotional needs. 

Our caseworkers serve as school based mentors and advocates to provide tiered intervention and supports to help support the staff, students and parents. In addition to this, our caseworkers are available to conduct home visits when necessary and to participate in community outings. We are looking to bridge the gap between school, family, and the community.

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For the month of November, Yamir has worked hard to be a leader, overcome academic obstacles, and perservere through it all. We are extremely proud of him.

Yamir W. Barbosa


For the month of December, Tyce has exhibited quality leadership skills, being the voice of reason when his peers have gotten off track.

Tyce Green


For the month of January, Kenson has been excelling academically and exhibiting quality leadership skills in group counseling sessions.

Kenson Mitchell

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